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Nowhere Special

Do, 23. März 2023
20:00 Uhr
€ 10,-

A town in Northern Ireland. John, a window cleaner, has been raising his four-year-old son Michael alone since his mother left the family shortly after the birth. Their life is determined by daily necessities and rituals, shaped by the deep love between father and son. What Michael does not know: John has cancer. He has only a few months left. He wants to use them to find a new family for Michael, a perfect family. But how can he explain to his son why they visit so many strange people? Does he know his son well enough to know what he needs? Slowly, John begins to realise that he doesn’t have to make a decision for the future, but one for the present – together with Michael

“The film gets dangerously close to sentimental; what keeps it interesting is the acting. Norton’s spine-tingling, intimate performance and Lamont, who plays little Michael, is a natural.” – Cath Clarke – The Guardian

Englische Originalfassung mit Englischem Untertitel
UK 2020; 96 min.; Director: Uberto Pasolini
Cast: James Norton, Daniel Lamont, Carol Moore a. o.


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