ELFs: The Grand Seduction

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Datum: 19. Jänner 2017
Uhrzeit: 20.00

To survive, a dying Newfoundland fishing village must convince a young doctor to take up residence by any means necessary:

The small harbour of Tickle Cove is in dire need of a doctor so that the town can land a contract to secure a factory which will save the town from financial ruin. Village resident Murray French leads the search, and when he finds Dr. Paul Lewis he employs - along with the whole town - tactics to seduce the doctor to stay permanently.

CAN 2014; 113 min., English with English Subtitles
Director: Don McKellar
Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson, Liane Balaban, a.o. 

Vollpreis: € 8,50