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Datum: 21. November 2019
Uhrzeit: 20:00

A former star footballer returns to his hometown, but finds his political views aren’t welcome. When he is persuaded to take over coaching the struggling local footy team, his idea to recruit refugees to make up the numbers takes the community on a journey of change:  

The township of Bodgy Creek has seen better days: the population is dwindling and jobs are scarce. The next victim of the town’s decline is the cash strapped Aussie Rules footy club. Having fallen out with the community over leading protests that led to the closure of the local timber mill, Troy is living a hermit like existence on the towns edge. However, he is persuaded into coaching the local football team. Teaming up with Angie, who is running a nearby refugee support centre, they conspire to recruit refugees to save the team.

As Australian as a hot meat pie or a pair of well-worn thongs, The Merger is an Aussie production through and through, but one with a heart and message that will resonate with viewers of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, making this local tale a genuine winner. 

AUS 2018; 103 Min.; English with English Subtitles; 
Director: Mark Grentell
Cast:    Damian Callinah, John Howard, Kate Mulvany a.o. 


Vollpreis: € 9