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In Bob we trust

Datum: 18. Dezember 2014
Uhrzeit: 20.00

A documentary about an outspoken priest whom is being forced by the Vatican to retire. His forthright approach, insightful wit and dedication to improving the lives of others has made him an inspiration not just in his parish but throughout Australia. An eye-opening journey as the dissident priest resists the authority of the Church, only to encounter treachery and betrayal.

Father Bob offers outreach for street kids, food programs and scholarships for the poor. He has always fought back at the disciplinary measures imposed on him from an unsupportive Vatican with wit and a healthy disregard for authority, frankly pointing out the flaws in logic, dogma and prejudice by asking; "is not helping those in need a central tenet of our religion?" 

Australia 2013, 102 min.; English with English Subtitles
Director:  Lynn-Maree Milburn Genre:  Documentary/Biography/Drama
Cast: Archbishop Denis Hart, Bob Maguire, Cardinal George Pell
Awards: 2 Nominations

Trailer: In Bob we trust | English


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