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This Way of Life

Datum: 19. Februar 2015
Uhrzeit: 20.00

"What I do for a living? I live for a living!" 

This film questions our modern way of living. A lionhearted father struggles valiantly to create a life of idyllic simplicity for his family. This deeply personal documentary was filmed in the stunning beauty of New Zealand's rugged Ruahine Mountains over the course of four years, and tracks Karena and his family's daily challenges and celebrations.

Awards: Crystal Berlin Bear - Special Mention, 1 Nomination and shortlisted for the Oscars
Production Year: 2009, New Zealand, 84 Min, English with NO Subtitles
Genre: Documentary/Action/Adventure
Director: Thomas Burstyn
Cast: Peter Karena, Colleen Karena, Llewelyn Ottley-Karena

Trailer: This Way of Life | English

Vollpreis: 8