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Datum: 20. August 2020
Uhrzeit: 20:00

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Hoping that self-employment can solve their financial woes, Ricky takes a delivery driver’s job. He and his wife are struggling to raise a family and end up trapped in the vicious circle of this modern-day form of labour  exploitation.  

Ricky and his family have been fighting an uphill struggle against debt since the 2008 financial crash. An opportunity to wrestle back some independence appears with a shiny new van and the chance to run a franchise as a self-employed delivery driver. It's hard work, and his wife's job as a carer is no easier. The family unit is strong but when both are pulled in different directions everything comes to breaking point.  

Ken Loach, director of  I, Daniel Blake, raises his game yet further with this gut-wrenching tale of a delivery worker driven to the brink.  

I was hit in the solar plexus by this movie, wiped out by the simple honesty and integrity of the performances”. Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian film critic.

UK 2019; 101 Min.; English with English Subtitles
Director: Ken Loach; Cast: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone a.o.
Genre: Drama; Awards: 4 wins & 11 nominations

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