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Datum: 19. Mai 2022
Uhrzeit: 20.00 h

Belfast, 1969, Buddy’s family are Protestants; their Catholic neighbours will soon be driven out of their homes by the sectarian hostility. The father is a labourer working in England who returns home to a growing pile of unpaid bills and violence brewing on the streets.  

As the stranglehold of increasing turmoil tightens around his once-peaceful working-class neighbourhood, Buddy tries his best to understand The Troubles. Now, Buddy's family must come face to face with a nearly impossible, life-altering decision: to stay or leave their home? 

“There is a terrific warmth and tenderness to Kenneth Branagh’s mournful, autobiographical movie about the Belfast of his childhood: spryly written, beautifully acted and shot in a lustrous monochrome. But this film has such emotional generosity and wit as it tackles a dilemma of the times not often understood: when, and if, to pack up and leave Belfast? Is it an understandable matter of survival or an abandonment of your beloved hometown to the extremists?”   Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian 

UK 2021; 98 min.; Director: Kenneth Branagh; English with English Subtitles
Cast: Jude Hill, Jamie DornanJudi Dench 
Genre: Biography/Drama/History






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